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KRCS - Kuwait Red Crescent Society - decotion & donation

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Youth Group and Volunteers

The society depends on this group of volunteers and its members for carrying out its activities and programs. They are considered the main source, which supplies all other working committees with the manpower required for various activities and tasks assigned to them. These young men and women are desire motivated by to assist others without any expectations for any type of reward or praise. They are prepared to carry out their humanitarian duties in addition to participating in exhibits, sports activities and first aid.

This group of volunteers organize themselves in any event caused by natural disaster to provide assistance in any way possible in addition to carrying out the following missions:

  • Distribution of food rations to needy families inside Kuwait
  • Participate in various activities organized by schools, universities or educational institutions

Volunteers are considered the backbone or pillars of the society due to their mission to carry out the various assignments of the KRCS after receiving the appropriate training needed.

Volunteers are welcomed from all citizens and expatriates. New volunteers are assigned to work with the previous ones to gain the training and experience needed in addition to improving their capabilities.

Part of the volunteers’ mission is to pay visits to patients at hospitals and nursing homes for the elderly to offer them gifts on occasions and to ease their sufferings and pains. They also go under training organized by the Ministry of Health to become able to offer first aid assistance when needed. They also receive training offered by the International Union of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and Movements. Upon concluding the training needed, they become eligible to participate in rescue operations caused by natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and floods.