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Kuwait Red Crescent organizes a celebration on (Gulf Red Crescent)

KUWAIT, Oct 21 (KUNA) - The Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) organized a ceremony on Monday to mark the Gulf Red Crescent Day.

Chairman of the Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society Dr. Hilal Al-Sayer said in a press statement that the work of the Gulf Red Crescent Societies and bodies reflects the tireless work of the GCC countries since its establishment in humanitarian and relief work.

Al-Sayer stressed the importance of spreading the values of volunteer work to achieve the common goals of the Gulf in relief and humanitarian work and to stimulate the policies of volunteer work and expand its networks and activities through partnerships between the active Gulf Red Crescent Societies.

He explained that the march of the Gulf societies has been crowned with many successes and achievements and has become a milestone in the international humanitarian arena, expressing appreciation for the efforts made by volunteers to achieve comprehensive development in society.

He pointed out that the bodies and societies of the Red Crescent in the GCC are working hard to activate and expand the culture of volunteer work and recognize the importance of the role of volunteers in the development of their societies.

Al-Sayer pointed out to the great role played by Kuwait in supporting people affected by natural or man-made disasters, pointing out that the Gulf Red Crescent Day is an occasion to emphasize coordination and unify positions with regional and international organizations.

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