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KRCS launches educational and awareness programs on Coronavirus

Today, KRCS launched health educational awareness programs, with the participation of a number of doctors specializing in disease prevention to extend community awareness of ways to confront coronavirus outbreak.

Chairman Dr. Hilal Al-Sayer, said that the awareness programs cover many issues related to Coronavirus, especially, physical and mental health, child health and common diseases and emergency cases.

Al-Sayer added that the programs included drug awareness, how to take it, and relation with Coronavirus, as well as nutrition and behavioral advice during the home quarantine and health guidance during the blessed month of Ramadan. 64 video clips were prepared in Arabic and 64 video clips in English with the participation of a number of physicians, specialists and educators in the field of pediatrics, diabetes, nutrition, Oncology, chemotherapy, neurology, heart, and respiratory medicine.

He stressed the importance of the duty of all members of society in promoting awareness and health education to prevent various diseases, including Coronavirus, which most of the world suffer from now.

He stated that the program also includes information related to ENT surgery, psychiatry, therapeutic nutrition, gynecology, childbirth, ophthalmology, educational and athletic counseling, physical health, kidney and urinary tract surgery.

Dr. Al Sayer pointed out to the importance of prevention and enhancing community awareness to confront Coronavirus that has no cure yet, despite the great efforts made by many countries.

He stressed the importance of health education in order to promote healthy behaviors and stop rumors about the disease through social media and unofficial sources.

He confirmed the importance of establishing health guidelines that all members of society should comply with, so that they become a behavior and lifestyle to avoid different diseases, including (Covid-19).

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