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The Red Crescent delivers 1,000 food baskets and 250 cartons of chicken in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh Area

KRCS announced delivery of 1000 food baskets and 250 chicken cartoons, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, to people in Coronavirus-related blocked area of Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh.

The General Director , Abd al-Rahman Al-Aoun said today, that KRCS's efforts to provide the best means of support to the local society would continue, keep pace with all Government efforts to fight Coronavirus and put an end to the suffering of all people living in Kuwait.

Al-Awn added that KRCS was keen to support people and workers on daily basis who live in Jleeb Al Shuyoukh, by delivery of Ramadan food baskets that contain important basic elements and ready-made meals, especially those drastically blocked areas under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior.

He stated that the food baskets in the month of Ramadan was one of the most important projects, given the Ramadan requirements for providing basic foodstuffs, noting that it was sufficient for a family of five members throughout the blessed month.

He affirmed KRCS’s keenness to continue conducting humanitarian projects and delivery of relief aid to all people, pointing to KRCS’s constant endeavor in the month of Ramadan to promote tolerant values ​​by providing an opportunity for philanthropists to support their brothers in humanity and participate in the Ramadan programs of KRCS.

Al-Aoun said that KRCS was doing its best to serve the local community by conducting humanitarian projects and programs to vulnerable and needy groups.

KRCS continues to provide food assistance to needy families, widows, orphans and patients. KRCS welcomes such assistance at its headquarters and is happy to convey Ramadan food baskets to the people in need at their addresses.

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