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The Kuwaiti Red Crescent delivered food baskets to workers in Sabah Al-Salem area

In cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, the Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society delivered one thousand food baskets and one thousand milk cartons to workers and residents in Sabah Al-Salem area.

On Tuesday, Ms Maha Al Barges, General Secretary said that the KRCS continued this delivery of food baskets as part of its humanitarian role and community support.

Al-Barjas added that the delivery of food baskets to workers and residents in the area of Sabah Al-Salem, is complementary to a similar process in other areas of Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, Khaitan and Al-Farawaniyah.

She explained that the KRCS pays great attention to all areas where workers and people in need, are located, indicating that food baskets delivery tomorrow would take place Sabhan area, where there are huge number of workers.

She stated that each delivered food basket includes various basic foodstuffs and covers all necessary requirements enough for one person for more than a month.

Ms Al Barges stressed the importance of promoting efforts to educate workers of the need to follow Corona- virus control instructions and adhere to preventive measures.

She confirmed the importance of joining forces to overcome the current crisis, and praised the great cooperation between KRCS and the concerned agencies that has paid fruits and achievements in the fight of Coronavirus.

She pointed out that Kuwaiti society was been built on values ​​of giving and solidarity, stemming from the generosity, customs and traditions that characterize Kuwaiti people, especially charitable initiatives during this pandemic that contributed in activating the concept of community partnership and enhance the solidarity within our society.

Mr. Mohamed Boushehri, Governor of Mubarak Al-Kabeer, praised in a statement, the efforts of the Kuwait Red Crescent Society and volunteers for their efforts to face the humanitarian challenges and their perseverance in the most difficult times of the coronavirus outbreak.

Boushehri stressed the importance of food aid delivery to alleviate the suffering of workers and residents in the blocked areas, adding that the delivery of food baskets is part of the Government's efforts to fight Coronavirus.

He welcomed the good cooperation and coordination between the Kuwaiti Red Crescent and the Ministry of Interior and the Governorate of Mubarak Al-Kabeer in delivery of food baskets in the Sabah Al-Salem area.

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