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The Kuwaiti Red Crescent distributes masks and sterilizers in the National Evangelical Church

Today, the Kuwait Red Crescent Society delivered masks and sterilizers to worshipers at the National Evangelical Church in Kuwait, as part of precaution measures to counter the Coronavirus breakout.

Reverend Emanuel Gharib affirmed the National Evangelical Church's support for the official and civil institution's efforts to stop this pandemic

Reverend Gharib added that this urgent circumstance requires coordinated efforts of official and private institutions and working together to provide the needs, supplies and programs that support all efforts to fight the pandemic

He pointed out that the Kuwait Red Crescent's initiatives reflect its keenness to enhance its position as an integral part of the Kuwaiti social fabric. He expressed deep gratitude to the constructive social role of KRCS.

 Khaled Al-Zaid, Director of Public Relations and Information at the Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society, in return, said that the KRCS is continuing its community initiative in providing prevention kits and brochures to the National Evangelical Church followers.

He added that since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, the KRCS has delivered health supplies, in mosques, churches and different state institutions, to protect citizens and residents from this disease.

Al Zaid stressed the importance of the role of civil society in helping health authorities in curbing the outbreak of the virus and spreading awareness of this pandemic

Al-Zaid expressed his hope to increase awareness among citizens and residents of not spreading the virus by following the health requirements to prevent this pandemic.

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