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The German and Czech ambassadors to the State of Kuwait praise the efforts of the Kuwaiti Red Crescent in support of the Lebanese people

The ambassadors of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Czech Republic to the State of Kuwait praised the efforts of KRCS in support of the Lebanese people and the overall assistance provided by the Organization to people in need amid the current circumstances, in addition to its efforts to combat the coronavirus (Covid-19).

KRCS said in a press statement today, Sunday, on following the visit of the German Ambassador Stephen Moebs and the Czech Ambassador Martin Dvorak to the Organization's headquarter, that their praise was a result of its efforts in supporting Lebanon in the aftermath of the horrible explosion in Beirut, a few days ago. KRCS stood with the brothers in Lebanon to help them preserve security and stability. The statement noted the outstanding efforts of KRCS at various levels worldwide.

The statement quoted the two ambassadors expressing their sincere condolences to the families of the victims in Lebanon, and their wishes for a quick recovery of the injured, and prayed for the Lord to protect Lebanon and its people.

Dr. Hilal Al-Sayer said Kuwait Red Crescent Society intensified efforts to help through its Relief and Medical program in Lebanon, and in coordination with the Kuwaiti embassy in Lebanon and the Lebanese Red Cross, noting that KRCS’s field team in Beirut held talks to examine the basic needs and the mechanism to meet them during the next stage.

Al-Sayer pointed out the presence of members of KRCS’s delegation in Lebanon and his eagerness to visit the plagued areas, discuss the needs of the victims and provide assistance. He said that the initial assistance constituted an important psychological support for the victims and contributed to raising the morale of the cadres working in the field.

He confirmed that the Organization would not abandon the Lebanese people in these difficult circumstances, and would give all possible support for the victims and would make its best to alleviate the repercussions and seriousness of these difficult times.

Dr. Al Sayer pointed out that despite the efforts made by the international community and international organizations, it was clear that they were insufficient to meet the huge needs of the various sectors in Lebanon.

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