Yossef Ibrahim Alghanim

Yossef Ibrahim Alghanim
Yossef Ibrahim Alghanim

Yossef Ibrahim Alghanim

  • He was born in Kuwait in 1923.
  • Moved between Kuwait, Albasra, and Cairo in the school stages, he got the secondary certificate from Basra.
  • 1949 He got the university certificate from Cairo university the specialization of administration
  • 1950-1951 he was a member in the municipality.
  • 1953 the founder and the owner of the company of yossef Ibrahim Alghanim
  • 1961 – 1962 a member in the higher executive committee in the higher council such as the Ministers council.
  • The founder of the Kuwait Red Crescent
  • 1966 – 2009 a member of administration board in the Kuwait Red Crescent organization.
  • 1962 a member in the planning board with Jasem hamd Alsakr and Khaled Aesa Alsaleh, Yaaoub Yossef Alhamed as representatives for the private sectors.
  • The chairman of the national insurance company.
  • A member of administration in t he chamber of commerce and industry.
  • The chairman of the federation of for the medicines importers.
  • Holder of Abu Baker AL-Sidiq prize 2016
  • Died on June 2,2009 

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